Head Office, Sales & Distribution

Our Head Office, Sales and distribution offices are located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Being positioned in Dubai and the close proximity to various national and international trading hubs, had greatly contributed to our success in the Production and Distribution of our products.

We are proud to employ a team of Multinational Western experts specialized in key areas of Marketing, Administration and Business Development. At "Al Hanan Ind. LLC." we ensure to provide the adequate training to all our staff at all levels to acquire the latest technical and professional knowledge for their specialized domains.

Production Facility

Al Hanan Ind. LLC. operates modern production facility in the Emirates Industrial City- Sharjah. The plant is equipped with environmentally friendly waste-processing units.

Safety of our people, products and manufacturing process are one of our top priority considerations. We facilitate executive workshops and training at all levels to sustain continuous improvement program in enhancing safety awareness and ensuring superior performance and safe environment.